HR Newsletter July 2023

HR NEWSLETTER JULY 2023 ~photo by Michael McLeod

U Away From UNG Student Employment Caregiver Stress New Nighthawks IN THIS ISSUE: TAP Mental Health Training National Vision Month 03 06 08 09 12 June 2023 New Hires Be a part of healthy vision month LiveHealth Online Get trained to support your community Fall 2023 Deadline 11 Summer Travels 04 Modern Online Forms

USG Deadline July 14th The TAP Application deadline for Fall Semester is Friday, July 14th by close of business (12:00 noon). Applications are accepted 30 days before the USG TAP deadline and do not offer a grace period after the deadline. Fulltime TAP Application link Part-time Nursing TAP Application link Once your application is processed, each participant will receive an email with further instructions. For questions, please email

FALL/SPRING 2023-2024 TERMS NEW STUDENT WORK AGREEMENT Check out the Welcome page to complete a form for your RETURNING Institutional Student Worker, Federal Work Study (FWS) Student Worker, or Graduate Student Worker. The SWA forms are NOT to be used to hire a new student worker. Please email HREMPLOYMENT@UNG.EDU to initiate the hiring process for a new student worker in your department thru Careers.

FURTHER RESOURCES FOR HIRING A NEW STUDENT EMPLOYEE Click here for the WELCOME page along with other information such as student pay plans and employee handbook Questions? Email

SUPPORT Mental Health IN YOUR COMMUNITY Get trained this summer in QPR Suicide Prevention and Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION

REGISTER TODAY Mental health training is available all summer for students, faculty, and staff QUESTIONS? EMAIL MHITRAINING@USG.EDU

Being a caregiver can be challenging Visit with a therapist and learn tips to manage your stress "Caregiver stress" is the name for mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion that comes from being a caregiver. This can be stress from caring for an aging parent or family member, children, or as part of your job. Speaking with a therapist on a virtual visit is an effective way to cope with these feelings and learn strategies to help you manage your stress and feel better. LiveHealth Online can help you get the care you deserve. Choose from an appointment with a therapist for one-on-one care and counseling, or a psychiatrist for ongoing medication management. Appointments are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Caregiver stress is real. Contact LiveHealth Online for assistance.

Be part of Healthy Vision Month and explore healthy habits here Check out the vision and aging resources for older adults here Find resources to help pay for eye care here Get complete information about eye conditions and diseases here Learn how to find an eye doctor here Healthy Vision Month 2023 Get your loved ones involved in #HealthyVisionMonth! Join the conversation about how you prioritize eye health care for your children and older family members. Learn more with these resources from @NationalEyeInstitute: here

U AWAY FROM UNG queen for a day in England JENNIFER HERRING enjoying Hollywood Studios with family ANNIE BARNABY We want to know what outside hobbies and activities you all love to do outside of work. Please submit your photo here

traveling up the northeast US with her family STACIE ROWLEY Please submit your photo to traveling to Washington exploring Mt. Rainier National Park MICHAEL MCLEOD hiking Pickens Nose Trail in NC ANDY FLETCHER

New Nighthawks Katelyn Dotson Christy Doyle Hannah England Sarah Lowry Cody Marschalk Michael Nguyen Network Administrator Police Officer I Academic Success Coach Title III Administrative Assistant IV Assistant Director, ISSS Financial Aid Counselor I

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