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This year’s program will be held virtually via a Zoom Conference on Monday, August 14, and registration is now open. Please click here for registration. Members of the UNG community will present topics and best practices on academic and professional excellence, student success, and personal wellness. New this year will be the certification and course completion opportunities hosted in the afternoon. Breakout sessions will enable faculty and staff to participate in the sessions that interest them most, and recordings will be available after the conference. To close-out the day, the Executive Directors of the Regional Campuses, Staff Council, and the UNG Foundation are sponsoring Ice Cream Socials on each campus from 4 to 5 p.m. Locations below. • Blue Ridge Campus - Lobby • Cumming Campus - Lobby • Dahlonega Campus - Hoag Student Center Food Court • Gainesville Campus - Robinson Ballroom, Student Center • Oconee Campus - Multipurpose Room 522 If you have questions about this event, please contact Office of University Events at Monday August 14 Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Development, & Service

block pain - they are the body's natural pain relievers! The Impact of Negative Emotions Let's Grow and Develop Positivity Practiced regularly, you will thrive in life not just survive. We have the ability to grow positivity just like a muscle. Affects of Positive Emotions SEROTONIN DOPAMINE Click here to get your baseline positivity ratio •Negative emotions activate fight or flight hormones •In the short term, our bodies regulate these hormones in a healthy way •They weaken our immune system and leave us vulnerable to illness and chronic conditions •They hinder our decisionmaking ability, day-to-day creativity, relationships, and performance ENDORPHINS OXYTOCIN boosts our mood and makes us more agreeable and sociable. is a pleasure hormone and is stimulated when we strive toward a goal so that we can experience the pleasure of a reward. is our bonding hormone - it promotes feelings of love, closeness and trust.

•Be intentional about consistently taking inventory of our positive and negative emotions •Consistency can help us bounce back faster and with greater resiliency when we face the inevitable challenges in life. Positivity Strategy: Cultivate a Positivity Practice For the negative emotion you experience, it takes three positive emotions to tip the scale towards positivity Positivity Strategy: Nutrition & Exercise •Fuel your body every 2-4 hours. When we’re hungry, we’re in survival mode! •Exercise increases endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers)! •Exercising most days of the week will stimulate an increased production of endorphins. Notice the difference after you exercise! Positivity Strategy: Deep Breathing •When we engage in deep breathing, the increased oxygen helps remove the stress hormone, cortisol, from the brain. •Aim for 2 minutes of deep breathing daily, but even a few deep breaths in the heat of the moment will be beneficial. Positivity Strategy: Appreciation & Gratitude •Appreciation and gratitude (thinking actions) & Fear and Anger (survival response w/ stress hormones), can’t occur at the same time! •Write all the things you are grateful for or keep a gratitude journal Positivity Strategy: Limiting Social Media •What purpose does social media currently serve in my life? •Do I usually feel more positive or more negative when engaging with social media? •Are there people or groups that seem to influence my mood more than others? •Do my posts to social media tend to promote positivity or negativity? Positivity Strategy: Judicious Storytelling •The brain doesn’t know the difference between when we experience a negative event for the first time and when we are retelling the story to someone else. •“How will retelling this story affect my stress level?”

Faculty & Staff tips for the new academic year Eat Where You Work Access Control Dahlonega Dining Services Get your plan today at the Dahlonega Dining Hall. Faculty/Staff Meal Plans for the different plans are listed here. You can now purchase a plan anytime. Full time employees have the option of using payroll deduction to pay for a meal plan. Please contact Card Services here for more details. Boar's Head sandwiches The Grill: Breakfast, Hamburgers, Chicken Tenders, etc... Anthony's Pizzeria: Whole Pizzas or by the Slice Grab n' Go Items A Starbucks Proudly Brewed Location Gainesville Dining Services Gainesville Campus has easy grab and go options. We are ready to fit your schedule so you can eat right on campus. Food Court Market: Student Center: The Coffee Bar at Nesbitt: Oconee & Cumming Micro Markets The Micro Markets are on-campus convenience stores with a self checkout station. Grab a quick drink or snack on the go. Your Faculty/Staff Nighthawks ID card is more than just identification here at UNG. Many areas around campus require key card access to enter. Your access will be based on job needs and requires approval from your supervisor. Please follow the instructions for each campus to which you need access. Click here for more information on access control. Blue Ridge, Cumming, & Dahlonega Key Card Access Fill out the Genetec/Lenel Access Control Form with your supervisor and mail/email to administrator. Blue Ridge: Melanie Cantrell Cumming: Dahlonega: *need access to all 3 campuses? Send form to Dahlonega card services* Gainesville & Oconee Key Card Access Access myUNG for work order requests *Click on Forms & Requests *Under Facilities, choose Facilities South Or, click here to Maintenance Requests *Hard Keys must be requested from Facilities*

Virtual Parking Permit You can add funds to your Campus Cash account connected to your UNG ID Card to use around campus. Plan ahead with Campus Cash. It's more convenient than carrying your wallet around campus. Save 5% when using Campus Cash at most on-campus dining locations in Gainesville and Dahlonega. Download the Transact eAccounts app or stop by UNG Card Services for more information. Transact eAccounts University of North Georgia Check your balance Track transactions Use a saved payment method for deposits Deactivate lost or stolen cards Activate found cards *Available at the Google or Apple App Store* Card Services Contact Information Blue Ridge: 706-946-5460 Information Desk Cumming: 470-239-3132 Information Desk * Dahlonega: 706-864-1404 Hoag Student Center, 312 Gainesville: 678-717-3914 Health Sciences Bldg, 205 Oconee: 706-310-6336 Colony SQ Shopping Center 1021 Jamestown Blvd., Suite 207* *By Appointment Only* Campus Cash Account Go to Parking Services Web Portal here. Click "Login". Login using your UNG credentials under AIMS LDAP Authentication. After a successful login, you will arrive at the Home screen. Click "Activate Annual Permit". "Parking Terms of Service" window will appear. You will need to click "I agree with the terms of service". Select the Permit Type you need. Click "Add Vehicle" and enter the correct vehicle info and click "Add". If you are adding multiple vehicles, be sure to follow the "Add Vehicle" step for each one. Click "Confirm". Click "Add Permit to Cart". Verify correct email address is shown then click "Checkout. Logout when finished. How to Register a Vehicle: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Please note: The parking permit portal opens on August 15th of every year and permit activation is required every three years for faculty & staff. License plate serves as permit. *Remember, permits are virtual. There is no physical permit to display on your vehicle. License plate serves as permit.* Parking Maps Check out all our parking maps online here Auxiliary Services webpage More about your Nighthawks Card here

FALL/SPRING 2023-2024 TERMS NEW STUDENT WORK AGREEMENT Check out the Welcome page to complete a form for your RETURNING Institutional Student Worker, Federal Work Study (FWS) Student Worker, or Graduate Student Worker. The SWA forms are NOT to be used to hire a brand new student worker. Please email HREMPLOYMENT@UNG.EDU to initiate the hiring process for a new student worker in your department thru Careers. Questions? Email

DAA DUAL APPOINTMENT AGREEMENT The University System of Georgia (USG) has a policy for employees who work at multiple institutions. You can read more about the Dual Appointment policy here. To summarize, an employee who meets specific criteria can work at more than one institution. Because an employee can only have one paymaster, all payments would be paid out on the payroll of that individuals home institution. The requesting institution would reimburse the home institution to cover these costs. If you are an USG employee and will be compensated for any assignment at another USG institution, please contact Anna Gillespie, DAA Coordinator. This policy defines the types of such dual appointments: • Full-Time Equivalent Dual Appointment • Travel Only Reimbursement • Borrowed Services • More than Full-Time Equivalent Dual Appointment • Part Time/Temporary Dual Appointments

NND is commemorated each year to recognize nonprofit organizations' ongoing efforts to serve the local community NATIONAL NONPROFIT DAY August 17 Why National Nonprofit Day (NND) is Important A. Nonprofits provide essential services Nonprofit organizations serve an important role in society by providing critical services to those in need. They help bridge the gap and address a variety of social issues that are otherwise left unaddressed, such as access to healthcare, housing, education and more. B. Nonprofits create positive change By raising awareness about certain causes or helping to find solutions to specific problems, nonprofits have the power to make lasting impacts on local communities and ultimately bring about positive change. From feeding hungry children to protecting endangered species, nonprofits can have a huge impact on the world as we know it. C. Nonprofits rely on donations The success of nonprofits depends on individual donations from generous people like you! On National Nonprofit Day, take some time out to show your appreciation for these amazing organizations and consider donating what you can - even if it's just a few bucks – so they can continue their vital work. Click here to see ways to celebrate NND

AWAY FROM Michael spent six weeks of his summer teaching a course for the Georgia Tech-Oxford Study Abroad Program traveling to Paris, Chamonix, Venice, Rome, Florence, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. The course surveys the major artistic periods of European painting, sculpture and architecture. Even though this was a working assignment, it allows him to demonstrate his passion for teaching art history. He has taught on the study abroad program since 2013. Photo caption: Lecturing in the courtyard of the Bargello Museum in Florence MICHAEL KEMLING UNG We want to know what outside hobbies and activities you all love to do outside of work. Please submit your photo here

President Mike Shannon has initiated a 45-day Listening Tour to learn more about UNG and our university priorities and opportunities. The Listening Tour includes a wide variety of campus meetings and community events as we prepare for the beginning of our 2023-2024 academic year, as well as the following one-hour meetings scheduled for August. The focused sessions for students, faculty and staff (see column at far right) are open to UNG community members and no registration is required. Alumni and community members will be invited to additional sessions scheduled for those stakeholder groups. President Shannon looks forward to meeting you! If you have any questions about President Shannon’s Listening Tour, please email

New Nighthawks Camryn Cherry Asher Ford Jesse Haggett Rebecca Meyer Sarah Parsons Lisa Pugsley Perry Quick Michael Shannon Zachary Wallace Admissions Officer Regional Cadet Recruiter Production Manager/Technical Supervisor Nurse Practitioner/PA Student Health Custodian Senior Lecturer, Nursing Technical Support Associate I UNG President Director, Sports Performance

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